Terrace 6th Annual Show at 3PM on 27.08.11

August 27th, 2011 by blair

‘A heap of broken images, where the sun beats’TS Eliot – The Wasteland

Over the last 4 years 90 different artists have shown over 150 piecesof work in this now transformed, former wasteland.Exposed to the elements the works have shifted, faded, broken,rotted, remained and in some cases, disappeared.

The 6th Terrace Annual 2011,4-17 Frederick Terrace, London E8 4EWDrinks, BBQ and DJ from 3-7pm on Saturday the 27th of August.The show runs for this one day only with an after show party atThe Duke of Wellington around the corner on Haggerston Road.

List of ArtistsSara Aisha Amido, Uta Baldauf, Paul Behnke, Beard and Ferguson,Eleanor Bennett, Maxine Beuret, Diane Bielik, Karl Bielik,Kiera Blakey, Anka Bogacz, Charlie Bonallack, Alex Booker,Ronan Bowes, Boyle&Shaw, Anna Bruinsma, Mat Cahill,Bimba Champion, Alicia Clarke, Oliver Crowther, Roberta Cucuzza,Annabelle Dalby, Lawrence Daley, Annie Davey, Julia Defferary,Pravin Dewdhory, Anne-Marie Fairbrother, Rob Flowers,Adrian Galpin, Patrick Galway, Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt,Matt Golden, Julia Hamilton, Ross Hansen, Rupert Hartley,Alex Hermon, Russell Heron, Christopher Hudson, Zarah Hunt, Jessica Jang, Nica Junker, Eemyun Kang, Susannah King,Yoonjung Kim, Lindsey Landfried, David Leapman, Andrea Lippet, Heidi Locher, Vibeke Luther, Nerys Mathias, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Andrea Muendelein, Lorna Milburn, Nicola Morrison,Hannah Murgatroyd, Danka Nisevic, Emer O’Brien,Susan Overell,Natalie Papageorgiadis, Christopher Peabody,Joanna Peace, Grant Petrey, Caroline Piccioni, Shirome Ratne,Andy Robertson, Matthew Robinson, Will Robson-Scott,Rachel Russell, Cheryl Saunders, Matthew Saunders, Ariane Severin, Emma-Jane Spain, Marianne Spurr, Richard Stone, Sabine Tress, Sophie Tomlinson, Emily Trotter, Lee Tusman, Claire Undy,Marijke Vasey, Maxwell Wade, Julian Wakelin, James White, Emma-Jane Whitton, Tarn Willers, Phil Wise, Retts Wood,Katherine Worthington, Elizabeth Wright and Blair Zaye.

I put up a guerrilla wallpaper 2 years ago, lets see how its degraded!!



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