DemiUrge Series

The ‘DemiUrge Series’ examines the phenomenology of intuitive, happenstance mark making. Using various layering techniques brushstroke, line, drips, spray paint, or squeegee and combining the interwoven LED tube light elements which act as lines over the canvas as if another brushstroke or mark of sorts. Creating physical depth while the light plays off against the colours of the paint, floating in space, set upon a desaturated, dry-brush background with surrounding vignette, in the style of traditional portraiture and still life.

The Series borrows its name ‘demiurge’ is the English word derived from the Greek demiurgus or dēmiurgós which was a common noun originally meaning “craftsman” and later it came to mean “creator”. Furthermore within philosophical traditions of the platonic and neo-platonic schools of philosophy, the demiurge is an artisan-like figure responsible for creating and maintaining the material universe. Comparably in this instance, demiurge is relational to the artist as a creator demi-god, constrained only by their imagination and fueled by their innate urge to create.

While within an art historical context the work references the old masters, modern and post-modern art with an urban and post-graffiti influence, attempting to create a contemporary reflection with emotive depth.