Drop Collectives first installation together for Anima Mundi.


An exhibition of paintings, photographs, creative writing, film, music, graphic art, installation art and more… held in Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane. It explores the representation of the ‘spiritual’ in art forms, and looks into the interconnections between people, art and the world surrounding us (for a full description of the theme please read below “to be an artist is to embrace who you really are”)… This exhibition aspires towards the creation of an atmosphere where the viewer feels he can interract with the art forms in different ways. Thereby challenging the stereotypical modes of exhibiting and experiencing art: from hanging your ‘wisest thoughts’ on our ‘Tree of Life’, to joining in with writing a collective story on an old type writer, to painting or writing on canvasses on the wall, talking to the artists and much more… or even you can relax and listen to beautiful music, or rest in a heap of bean bags in the meditation zone…
Artists/photographers/writers include:
Gerardo Cetta, Fabiana Harrington, Jenny Mohsen, Vesna Manasieva, Sammy Jay, Lavinia Harrington, Christina Darmanin, Nick Bolton, Sarah Groves, Wizzi Seaton, Adam Husler, Robin Wijnhold, Blair Zaye, Theresa Soave, Ettie Holland…


This event aspires towards the coming together of art forms which explore spiritual and physical realms of emotion. Our vision is to combine creative methods to encourage an atmosphere which instigates the viewer to explore within themselves. Art can re-connect the spirit world with the physical world. It can translate ineffable experiences into forms that may serve to support and assist ones development. It can Inspire us to make positive life changing decisions that can be restorative, bringing our conscious self back into present time. Art offers an alternative to the daily habits, conditions and fixed ideas that serve to inhibit and undermine our ability to understand, to learn and to grow. Therefore we welcome you all to engage in sharing with us this opportunity to explore our relationships with ourselves our environment and one another through a collective of creative mediums and forms of self expression by fine artists, Instillation artists, performance artists, photographers, film makers, musicians, and poets!!!

How might I benefit from attending such an event?

Musing on our potential to expand our self awareness and perception of our environment through experiencing many creative languages within one space feels like a worthwhile and meaningful exercise for all to share and enjoy!!! 🙂