WOMB Installation, INSIDE, Blank Space, Manchester, 30 March – 29 April, 2012


Entering the space through a battered door, the viewer finds him/herself in an abandoned dilapidated bathroom, the space strewn with detritus and forgotten belongings indicating indexical traces of a previous occupant. The sound of a heartbeat underwater pulsates from the bath in metronomic repetition suggesting a slowing of time, which is further impressed by the ethereal figure bathing in the water. An odour of decay and TCP permeates the room adding to the multi-sensory immersive experience.

There is no information in regards to the work indicating it’s content, hence, when initially engaging with the piece the viewer is left to decipher any connections and narratives within the piece through their own free-association, which is dependent on individual memories, experiences and cultural references.

The viewer is both psychologically and physically immersed in the construct of the work which offers a disquieting experience in an almost dystopic atmosphere.