FOUNTAYNE COLLECTIVE is now official. Myself as the director and a number of other people have launched the collective and made a website. Bringing together a collection of creatives from a community with international origins which, over the years have come together focusing their artistic energies on an industrial area of Tottenham in North London. We aim to support local creatives by managing a directory of members and facilitate a networking structure and platform for collaborations while supporting interaction with the wider community. As well as host creative showcase events and sourcing funding for creative activities and projects.

The Fountayne Road and associated populous hail from all walks of life, often interacting innovatively both with one another and the greater London, in the UK and beyond. Their skills and expertise are multifaceted and creative outlets many, anything from photography to performance, painting to film, sculpture to writing and everything on the periphery or between is exhaled here.

This diverse website shows a pioneering cross section of artists and alike, offering an insight into this village-like hub, which has become such a melting pot for inspiration.