Blair Zaye and BlackMoon1348 join forces and take to the stage.

The show is a blend between BlackMoon1348’s unique tibetan inspired sound coupled with contemporary instruments, drone sounds and doom techno while Blair Zaye performs the visual element of live drawing; signs symbols, mantras and sentences on the wall behind them sharing conscious knowledge and esoterica et cetera.

Resulting in a liminal fusion of audial and visual, mind and body, lifting the audience towards the transcendental.

BlackMoon1348 is a three-piece band blending Tibetan instruments with sub harmonic throat singing, bowed guitars, Tibetan percussion, violin and raw analogue synths. Last year, they toured in collaboration with the Tibetan monks of the Tashi Lhunpo monastery. The tour was fantastically received and pretty much sold out all over the UK, and was the first time in history the Tibetan monks have collaborated with western musicians. BlackMoon1348 were interviewed/ featured on BBC Radio 6 (Mary Anne Hobbs) and recorded live for NTS radio, amongst loads of great things.

This year, the release of their second record (music they recorded with the Tashi Lhunpo monks) will be available via Death and Leisure records, followed with a European tour and festival performances. They no longer in collaboration with the Tibetan monks and are working on a new set; Based around sub-harmonic throat singing, ceremonial Tibetan instruments, detuned bowed guitars, raw synths and violins. Creating a huge cinematic visual music born deep within the Himalayas, an intensive full, heavy sound.