The second Insitu Paintings Stream Capture.

This time the addition of an action cam (Yi 4K+), so the viewer becomes me, the artist, the viewer – as artist, past death of the author(artist) but reader as author.
This was also a great example of why the direction of and the reason I am using streaming and social media a lot in my work these days.. the idea is that art and society now days is a conversation its not a finished product it is a democratic convention of sorts… agreed upon(or no). The action cam is 4k but… as the wireless streaming is a fairly new its not possible to use it fully to stream as yet, I have been in conversations with xiaomi the makers of the Yi 4K+ and they have stated that the streaming capabilities will be upgraded in the next firmware update.

The is also the use of cctv cameras trying to contain the work and capture it from every angle. Which of course links to ideas of surveillance and privacy, connecting those same ideas contained with the use of social media where all is being observed. This also live streams constantly to a monitor in my studio at Chelsea College Of Art connecting the 2 spaces as some kind of portal through, the internet,electric, time and space linking between 2 artistic worlds or dimensions. First used to stream from my studio to the Tate modern last year, this will also be used stream directly into galleries in the near future.
I was originally hoping that this could be logged into by anyone, but due to the complex nature of the cctv system I have decided not to release this as a possibility as yet. But I have managed to work out a way of bypassing the cctv system capturing the video via hdmi and a video capture card which I have just acquired and look forward to testing in the next few days.

Another addition is the projector, hooked up to either the SLR camera or the cctv, creating a feedback loop between realities. Linking to a theory in quantum physics life and time as a feedback, as we create the future, our future self simultaneously creates our present self and as such we are constructing our past.

I had also changed the layout of my studio to have a wide wall and also the side wall for more work to happen concurrently but having only used the large wall so far there has what I considered to be a flattening effect, And while I like the resulting paintings I think
the work as an installation seems less immersive.. I can perhaps play more with the angles of all the cameras.

Also there was a surreal moment editing the video as this is a massive 6 camera edit that all needed to be synced, I was constantly asking myself, where have I gone, where is he… Having a disconnectedness towards the character on screen yet also an out of body experience ‘trying to find myself’ for lack of a better term..

The music of my good friends BlackMoon1348 emulates the feeling that I want for the piece but I think the pace of the image in condensed time lapse interrupts the desired effect, This is something that I need to play with… As I want the work to flow rather than jut.

See previous video for more infos on the ideas this video builds upon.

Music by

Born in a clandestine cave, buried deep within the Himalaya- BlackMoon1348 will perform tantric, Industrial Tibetan Doom! with Longhorns, Gayling (Tibetan Oboe), Ceremonial Rolmo cymbals, blended with raw analog droning synths and heavy detuned guitars; bowed to destruction.. Returning from an epic journey and tour with the Tibetan Tashi Lhunpo monks, performing live for the BBC Radio 6 and NTS Radio! and touring the UK this summer, a monumental collaboration of cultural diversity, a sound born from the sacred Himalaya.

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