‘The Library Of Consciousness’ 2017
Art Installation
Breathing Room, London 

This is a personal piece showing the books I read that have, through the cumulative effect, made up my artworks, my thoughts, my world and my consciousness.

It is a road map of my ideas and gives the viewer an insight into where I source (some of) my knowledge from.

It comments on how my knowledge had been past to me, ideas that have consumed my way of being and how I live my life. It also comments on how knowledge in general is passed from person to person.

With the advent the internet the access to information has become instantaneous, thoughts and ideas are spread across the world like wildfire leading to the very informed, the misinformed and the overwhelmed.

The viewer is invited to interact by the humble action of choosing a book sitting down in the victorian arm chair(not shown) and reading it for a time unspecified. The ethos is not to push upon the participant any specific dogma but instead to give space for musings. A moment in time captured, away from their normal life to aid in the building of internal within themselves to sit and reflect on a book, thought or their own life.

For the aesthetically aware – the play off between the lavish, bespoken handmade victorian arm chair and the stark white, factory made Ikea bookshelf attempts to break to the dichotomy of old and new ways of thinking.

There are also 3 artefacts on display;

1. The crystal a clear quartz from the mines Jelenia Góra, Poland said to provide clarity as per its own aesthetic quality.

2. The owl of Athena (Athena (/əˈθiːnə/; Attic Greek: Ἀθηνᾶ, Athēnā, or Ἀθηναία, Athēnaia; Epic: Ἀθηναίη, Athēnaiē; Doric: Ἀθάνα, Athānā) or Athene (/əˈθiːniː/; Ionic: Ἀθήνη, Athēnē), often given the epithet Pallas (/ˈpæləs/; Παλλὰς), is the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, craft, and war.)
This alabaster statue with piercing blue eyes purchased in Athens, Athenas name sake, who was said to transform herself into an owl at night and flight into city spreading knowledge to its citizens.

3. The Four-Faced brass Buddha statue, each face represents 4 different emotions – Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Serenity and is said to bring Fortune, Protection and Knowledge. From Hong Kong.

The progression of this piece could involve 2 arm chairs which 2 people can sit ponder and converse, creating dialog and sharing there personal reflections with each other before moving through and back into their separate realities.

The library will of course grow exponentially with each new book to an expanded unbridled consciousness.