Minimal-(Non)Materialism-Materialism-Institutional-Post-Modern Hang Up evolved by the suggestion to remove text from the pieces and the apparent scrutiny of the unfathomable.

Using the idea of light to represent a hopeful optimistic consciousness, a path of light over and through the degraded wood and other discarded pieces representing post industrial nihilism. Symbolic of the move away from ultra-materialism to a more balance existence and transcendent.

The works are left ambiguous and open to interpretation. They fall towards the industrial, monotone and authoritarian. They remove the personal, the artist’s mark and leave no real room for play. They are akin with Brutalism which became popular with the governmental and institutional, which perhaps is a reflection of the situation I find myself in at school, having to quantify all aspects of my work without any room for the subjective, the unexplainable or the ‘unreal’ which I believe to be a hang up from post-modern thinking.