Bespoken Series

Adj. bespoken – custom-made

bespoke, tailor-made, tailored, made-to-order

custom, custom-made – made according to the specifications of an individual


v. A past participle of bespeak.

bespeak [bɪˈspiːk]

vb -speaks, -speaking, -spoke ; -spoken, -spoke (tr)

1. to engage, request, or ask for in advance

2. to indicate or suggest this act bespeaks kindness

3. Poetic to speak to; address

4. Archaic to foretell

In other words bespoken- ‘this is what we spoke of earlier’.

Each painting in bespoken is a collection of documented foretold ideas from everyday life and the sensationalism of the media.

Adaptations of previously thought of environmental perceptions coupled with the extremist views from mass media and television.

Frequent use of symbols and symbolism and diagrammatic drawings eluding to that of circuit boards or astronomic star maps.

Challenging the viewer in an intellectual sense to stimulate internal confrontation.

The use of drips similarly to that of RIPS,SPLITS,TEARS and DRIPS, with the fundamental difference of leaving words, prose, sentences and symbols more legible, less hidden, more decipherable and as a result more answerable to.