Drips, Splits, Tears and Rips

Portals between other worlds, planets, parallel universes and dimensions. Between the mind and the ground. Fractal doorways between the finite and infinite, whether a place to hide or a place to find, a dark crawl space in reality full of crevasses and pit falls in reality. Windows into the next, a scratch on the surface of the here and now into a place of the absolute, a glimpse of something indescribable, seen, yet unnoticed, for(n)everywhere. Drips, Spilts, Tears and Rips represented in these paintings using a mix of medias and multiples of layers to create great depth while delving into the recess of my mind to face my inner most thoughts, fears, and desires, which I then express through considerably violent gestural brush strokes and also attempt to describe the indescribable through the laments of text, to purge myself of my dreads and human wants to make for a serene sense of peace and spirit, to leave the troubles of everyday life and even humanity as a whole and to lead myself to a plain of tranquillity and calm. I then finish the paintings off and over with drips to give a look of a world shutting off to and from itself, as a symbol of the creeping of ideas and anxiety slowly and silently making their way back into my mind, to freeze my life situation in stasis for others to later decipher.