Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day Festival 2018

18 August 2018
Fountayne Road N15 4QL, London

An open day of events, exhibitions, open studios, performances, markets and workshops in and around the warehouses on Fountayne Rd and the surrounding area.Bringing together a collection of creatives from a community with international origins which, over the years have come together focusing their artistic energies on an industrial area of Tottenham in North London.The Fountayne Road and associated populous hail from all walks of life, often interacting innovatively both with one another and the greater London, in the UK and beyond. Their skills and expertise are multifaceted and creative outlets many, anything from photography to performance, painting to film, sculpture to writing and everything on the periphery or between is exhaled here.This diverse event shows a pioneering cross section of artists and alike, offering an insight into this village-like hub, which has become such a melting pot for inspiration

Main- Stage Line-up

14:00-14:10: Hernán Fariñas Vales

14:10-14:30 Lee & JIM

14:35-14:45 Katy Pinke

14:50-15:10 DAN MCGRATH

15:20-15:35 Pery Pereira Sodre

15:40-15:50 BABY G

16:00-16:25 Miss LENA CULLEN
Singer & Songwriter

16:30-16:40 Jordan Max

16:45-16:55 Dominic Crocker
Physical Theatre Performer & Cabaret Artist

17:00-17:30 ‘The Garage Flowers’

17:40-17:55: ‘Fountayne Players’
Mask Performance

18:00-18:30 Sam Pro
Live Hip Hop

18:35-18:55 Anna Kolosova
Synaesthetic Action Painting

19:00-19:30 EAT THE EVIDENCE

19:35-19:55 David G.
Physical Theatre & Dance

20:00-20:30 DRONES CLUB

20:40-20:55 Shakona Fire
Drag-Queen Artist and Political Comedian

21:00-21:30 BlackMoon1348 with Blair Zaye

21:40-22:10 SIMAO & EVA
Live Electronic

22:10: Coco
Hula Hoop LED LIGHT Dancer

22:30-23:00 BACKYARD BULLY



Art The Arms Fair

Did you know that every two years London hosts one of worlds largest arms fairs, where deadly weapons and tools of torture are showcased, demoed and traded?

Come talk to us at our stall, and learn how Art the Arms Fair are exposing the arms trade through art and find out how you can get involved.



RACHie’s Open Studio:
Unit 7, Number 1 High Cross Centre
Open 14:00-18:00

Rachie’s small studio is packed with stencils, paintings, collages for sale.

Located through the High Cross centre and to the back of art gallery.


Jake Treddenick
Unit 31, 5 Fountayne Road
N15 4QL

Jake is a menswear designer and will be showcasing his new collection.


Unit 2, 7 Fountayne Rd
N15 4QL

Unit 2 in building 7 is a creative space shared by four artists from different backgrounds;

Siân Kidd is an established puppeteer, whose expertise ranges from puppet making and direction through to creative consultancy and arts education.
She will be exhibiting and demonstrating a number of different puppets at her workshop as well as making an appearance with her large-scale fox puppet in the courtyard in the evening.

Jacob Corn is a multidisciplinary concept artist, creating storyboards, environments and characters for the film and gaming industries. He is also a carpenter and set designer who specialises in building for theatre and live-performance. Jacob designed the 3-D map of the warehouses for Open Warehouse Day and mapped the projection happening on building 3.

Emma Brassington blends ethnographic practice with art-making. Emma’s current body of work draws from her 10 month residency in Bali, Indonesia where she stayed with a local family, carving sacred Topeng Masks with a Balinese master. As part of the open Warehouse day festivities, Emma is collaborating with other artists to deliver a short, masked performance piece: a contemporary fable: a journey of self discovery

Daniel Beaumont specializes in leather working and costume for reenactment and Live Action Role Play. He is a skilled tailor and machinist, creating bespoke, luxury gowns from repurposed fabric, which he will be exhibiting and selling During Open Warehouse Day


Breathing Room
Unit 7, 7 Fountayne Road
N15 4QL

What do you believe? Artist Blair Zaye opens his studio showing off his latest interactive immersive installation in collaboration with VisaJana

Blair Zaye

Blair Zaye is an artist/curator originally from New Zealand with a Bachelor of Visual Arts based in London since 2008. Exhibiting extensively all over the world from London and the UK to the US, Germany, Russia and New Zealand. Currently studying a Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea.

Pushing the boundaries between consciousness, neofuturism, esoteric knowledge, spiritualism, mysticism and quantum celestialism through paintings, drawings, video, performance and installation.

Check out and like


Immersive storytelling through Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Ksenia Burnasheva & Camille Yvert
Unit 8, 7 Fountayne Road
N15 4QL

– Print exhibition (Ksenia Burnasheva & Camille Yvert)
– Offline Press Library will be displaying their publications
– Hosting Daphne Politi programme : Workshop 3-4pm by Sara Staenbeck

Sara Stenbaek


Meditative Art Workshop: Visualising Creativity

Creativity seeps into all aspects of our lives and practising meditation creates space in the mind to think more creatively so we don’t get stuck in our thoughts and routines. Learning to nurture our creativity is important as the creative flow is a powerful tool for self-discovery and can help us relieve stress and anxiety.

In this workshop you will be taken on a journey to the depths of your emotional and spiritual being to visualise and explore your inner creativity. After the meditation we will be turning our journey into works of art with the materials provided. The workshop is open to all. No experience required!


Sara Stenbæk is a visual artist and participatory arts practitioner who through her practise explores the relationship between art and the mind. Stenbæk creates participatory art experiences combining meditative exercises and various art forms to promote emotional and spiritual well-being.

Time: 3:30 pm
Duration: 1.30 hours
Location: Unit 8, 7 Fountayne Rd, London N15 4QL
Image: attached – acknowledgment: Image: Charlotte Hickmott photography

Camille Yvert

Ksenia Burnasheva


KITSCH – Photography Studio
Unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road

Eric Mouroux will be hosting a walk in portrait sessions from 2pm – 4.30pm & 5.30pm – 6.30pm

From 2pm, Lucy Crump will be exhibiting a series of spanish inspired series of paintings and from 6.40-7.20, Bryan Rodriguez will be accompanying the artwork with a flamenco guitar performance.
Unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road
Open from 2pm-8pm

SECRET ROOM will host a video installation ‘Screen Stories: N15’; a series of video portraits featuring residents from the fountayne road warehouse community and their interpretation to the art of story telling.
Duration: 25 minutes
Unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road
Open from 2pm-4pm, 5.30pm-6.30pm

A mixed medium exhibition will be exhibiting in the downstairs corridors featuring artists Freya Harwood Bond, Darren Ghumrassi, Yannick Lalardy, Stephen Tremblay, Isaac Bonan, Lucy Crump, Eric Mouroux, Dominique Croshaw and James Crocker.
Downstairs corridors near unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road.

A free newspaper ‘Standard’ will be available in 7 Fountayne Road.
Created by Fountayne Road residents, Standard is an arts based newspaper tackling current social issues through the use of creative writing, essays and the visual arts. the aims is to evoke readers with an alternative approach to today’s social commentary displayed in mass media.
Unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road

Prints and original artworks on display will be on sale in unit 17, 7 Fountayne Road all day.

Rebecca Parkin’s and Simon Olmetti’s Studio
Unit 18, Number 7 Fountayne Rd
N15 4QL


Rebecca Parkin and Simon Olmetti will be opening their studio from

Simon is a visual artist who graduated in Fine Art Photography from the University of Westminster and uses a variety of media including painting.
Rebecca is a mixed media artist who graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2009 gaining The Basil Alkazzi Scholarship.


The Annex
Unit 22, Number 7 Fountayne Rd
N15 4QL

Hire Studio and Workshop Space

Free performance and creative workshops throughout the day! Art exhibitions by @CrashCollection and @Gregtangle. Follow @annex_space on Twitter or @theannexspace on Facebook for the schedule and sign up to classes.


Unit 8, 1st Floor Landing,
Imperial Works Fountayne Rd
N15 4QL

Martyn Riley will be showing his first foray into film with a 25 minute piece titled ‘I’m riddled with time’. All visuals as well as field recordings (some manipulated to stretched out drones) are from the surrounding area. I like to think it concerns itself with how time relates to associated or non-associated lapses of time and how it makes an individual feel. But it’s for the viewer to decide.

The 25 minute film will be on a loop matched with found sounds on an old Reel to Reel player itself playing for 45 minutes so each showing will be different.

Your journey upstairs could be rewarded (or bribed) with a complementary Negroni or beer from ‘Bennie’s Lift Bar in Unit 8, until all gone.

Soundcloud for Ambient Chicken Recordings:
Radio Shows:


Jonathon Sendall

The Cove Studio
50-58 Markfield Rd
N15 4QF

Workshops for cinematography set lighting. There are two four hour sessions being held at The Cove studio on Markfield Road on Saturday 18th August as part of the Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day.

A set is being specifically built for the workshop and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn some real set lighting techniques whether for commercials, drama or music videos.

Here are the two links to book the sessions at Eventbrite.

Cinematography Workshop – Session 1. Interior Set Lighting, Day&Night

Women’s Cinematography Workshop Session 2. Interior Set Lighting


Bones & Pearl Studios
60-68 Markfield Road, N15 4QA

Resident artists will be exhibiting their work and the Car-B-Que will be lit! (Car BBQ)

Bad Art will be showing work from the exhibition ‘Touch me Baby’ held at Bones & Pearls in January 2018. An exhibition where you can touch the art…or give it a squeeze? A lick? A little tenderness? It’s up to you how intimate you want to get. These days we need something juicy to grab onto when the bulk of our world is through a touchscreen.

By allowing physical interaction, the exhibition aims to integrate the art and public, dissolving feelings of intimidation and hierarchy. The role of the artist and viewer will be reversed as each artwork evolves into new, unforeseen forms throughout the evening, dictated by the hand of the public.


Bad Art is a curatorial project founded by Anna Choutova in 2016. We aim to challenge and destabilise the contemporary art world through exhibitions that offer a different way of interacting with work, a reaction against the hushed silence, white-walled gallery experience.

Born from personal frustration and alienation from the art world, Bad Art preaches the right that anyone can make art and the elitism of the art world needs to be knocked off a few pegs in order to create a far more accessible and inclusive environment.

contact details


The Mill Co Project.
Gaunson House
3, Markfield Road,
London, N15 4QQ

We have formed co-operative environment in which the the independent community can thrive, providing affordable workspace where independent artists can work together and collaborate. We also provide workshops, shoot, gallery and event space, providing an inspirational alternative to working from home or a cafe.


Craving Coffee
Gaunson House
3, Markfield Road,
London, N15 4QQ

Craving Coffee is an independent coffee led company with a licensed cafe in Tottenham run by locals Matt & Rachel Ho.
We serve speciality coffee & tea, craft beer, boutique wine, cocktails and local artisan food.



Ali Hamish

Anna Kolosova Artist

Andris Walds

Christopher Strzelecki

Blair Zaye

Graham McCulloch

Katie Ann Adelaide

Lana Salganik

Ludovico Andrea D’Auria

Nathan Wood

William Wonkanhof




Ali Hamish

Andrei Ganser

Charlotte Chew

Isaac Bonan

Michelle Tylicki

Rachie Rach

Super Future Kid


Shown road side on Fountayne Road

Number 3 Fountayne Road
N15 4QL


VisaJana have projection mapped the building of number 3 Fountayne Road for a sound reactive augmented reality experience featuring live music from Mowgli




Aphra Shemza’s Light Sculpture, 2018

14:00- 23:00

Aphra Shemza is a London based artist working with light and abstraction. Light Sculpture is a brand new work for Open Warehouse Day and incorporates the artist’s interests in nature and technology, creating an emblem of our times.

Katrina Stamatopoulos

Katrina is working with photography in a all sorts of ways… from chemical reactions to building pinhole cameras out of shoeboxes. Recently, she has been collecting pictures by encouraging these boxes to spend nights under bellies of cars. These images have been made on Fountayne road and will return back to the street. She will also be sharing some other work upstairs in Imperial works