‘CCTV is in operation for your personal safety and security’

In Britain closed circuit television (CCTV) has become commonplace, an everyday encounter. In fact the average person gets caught on CCTV an estimated 70 times a day and if you frequent high camera saturated locations the number of facial impressions rise to around 300 times.

A number of artists on the Masters Of Fine Art course at Chelsea College Of Arts, in collaboration with professional photographer Yannick Lalardy and Wilma Presents bring together ‘Pixelized’ at MAFA Gallery. That which is accepted as commonplace is put under scrutiny. ‘Pixelized’ brings into question the personal and public ramifications of CCTV.


Who’s watching?
What are they looking at?
What have they seen?
Is CCTV really keeping us safe?
Is CCTV really necessary?
Does CCTV infringe on our Civil Rights?
Do we have the right to remain anonymous?

On entering the gallery the viewer is flanked by 4 CCTV cameras; one in each corner hooked up to various display devices across campus. In the centre of the space is the bar, upon conversing with the bar staff on hand a proposition is instigated; in order to get a beverage from the bar and stay within the space, participants are asked to have their portrait taken. These photographs are then digitally manipulated to pixelate the face beyond direct recognition. The image is then printed onto photography paper, cut out and worn as a mask, resulting in the anonymisation of identity. The participant is then able to drink and converse freely and safely under the watchful eye of big brother.

With the new bestowed super power of anonymity all matters pertaining to the questions above and/or others can be expressed without fear of identification and personal persecution.

Refreshments provided by Wilma Presents free of charge.


31st May

MAFA Gallery,
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street,
London, SW1P 4JU

Contact exhibitons@blairzaye.com for more info.