L.E.D Text Badges

While thinking up new ways to get the word(s) out and reach a wider audience and making my work more accessible, having a background in screen printing and t shirt design one idea I had was of course to create t shirts with BOLD attention grabbing text, to cross the boundary between art and fashion, between ‘high art’ and urban culture, to get the text out in the everyday world. While this may be something I experiment in the future I am well aware that this has been done exhaustedly(perhaps with good reason), so want to come up with something else that had the same effect and that could be public facing, I came across these digital badges. These allow the text to be brought into a contemporary, futuristic look of the digital age(although some would argue that LEDs have been around for years having been invented in 1962 and used by numerous artists in the past)they still hold up this idea and I think they can be symbolic of a marriage between neo-futuristic and spiritual ideals.

I have created 16 different text badges 8 in RED and 8 in WHITE as below