The idea of ideas is the central context to my maxims, to show an idea, ideal, philosophy, thought or dream and then represent how that idea is expressed in the form of comical speech and thought bubbles, whether clearly and openly or distorted to what could be seen as a more polite and politically correct. Whether about ideas themselves ,art, social pho pas or leaning toward the political an internal dialogue externalized. In some cases built upon and distorted to a more socially accepted phrase, from the freedom of speech and self expression to the ‘this is what they are really thinking’ paradox. To speak without thinking or to think so much that the thought of expression is inconceivable.

Enlightened suit diagrammatic light bulbs images which I use as a metaphor for spirituality contained within an artist expressed and also the artist or person(s) coming to a realization and more of an understanding of the world that he/she exists in.

‘enlighten suits/maxims’ are in reaction to my past life as a design/print studio manager which i was selling my soul and creativity for someone elses profit, it is also showing the parallels and differences in the way we think and what we say, how some people speak without thinking and others think without speaking, it is also a way of sharing my thoughts with the world. the title ‘enlighten suits/maxims’ is a transition as i have been away from that world for a few years now i believe i have shed my mind and body of the suit and it has now become obsolete as a symbol to represent my current outlook, so in time the suit will change into another motif, I may choose to have a less personal, more generalised, androgynous figure to better relate to the nameless souls with untold thought, to shed light on those who rename quiet, complacent and in the shadows.


In the near future I intend make this into a moving exhibition, creating the template but leaving the speech and thought bubbles blank for others to fill in as a forum of collective thought.