Press and Publications:

Awe, Wonderment and the Ominous: The Crossroad of Art, Science, Technology and the Spiritual. – Eva London 2019

Emergent Art Space, January 2019

Smiles 4 Miles Colouring Books, September 2016

ARTICULATE Magazine #7, April 2016

Yack Magazine, September 2014

Harringay Online, September 2014

Square Mile Magazine, April 2014

Shoreditch walls hosed with colour, Shoreditch Street Art Tours Blog, October 2015

New Street Art, Febuary 2013

The Gentlemans Club, March 2011

Silent City, March 2011

Openned Zine, Issue#3, September 2010

EyeLust Magazine, Issue#3, April 2010

Susan Magzine, Issue#1, March 2010

Identicons Magazine, November 2009

LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine, Issue#2, September 2009

InLondon Magazine, July 2009

Press and Publications(with Drop Collective):

Arhitext Magazine, issue 239, June 2015

Creative Times, April 2012

Creative Tourist, April 2012

Cultural Shenanigans, April 2012 

Manchesters Finest, April, 2012

Mancky, March, 2012

Tendenzroman, March, 2012